The Ten Best Pergola Roof Ideas You Should Consider

Third Heaven Landscape is a full-service landscaping business dedicated to improving the backyards of Monterrey, CA, homeowners. We want all Monterrey homeowners to have pride in their lawns.

Our licensed and insured landscapers can improve your home’s curb appeal with first-class landscape and outdoor home improvement services. To do this, we can  install a pergola roof in your backyard.

What Is a Pergola Roof?

Life in California has many perks. One of the best things about living in California is the number of sunny days we get per year.

Pergola roofs are increasing in popularity each year in Monterrey. A pergola roof is a shade solution that allows some sun to shine through. It provides partial shelter while allowing you to sit and lounge in your backyard and still enjoy the sun.

You do not have to worry about changing weather conditions with a pergola roof. It provides enough shelter to keep you and your guests safe from rain, hail, or sleet.

Pergolas come in many shapes, designs, and sizes. Below are some of the best pergola roof ideas for your Monterrey home.

Idea #1 – Metal Louvers

Louvered roofs are among the most elegant, efficient types of pergola roofs. Pergolas offer homeowners the option of tilting the roof panels to either keep sunlight out of your lounge area or allow it in.

Many homeowners automate their corrugated roofing. Doing so allows you to open and close your pergola automatically.

Metal is one of the best materials to use for your pergola. A metal roof provides many benefits to homeowners and can last up to 70 years, making it one of the most durable roof types.

In addition, metal is not susceptible to lightning strikes. As a result, it is perfect for an outdoor roof. Metal roofs are also environmentally friendly and energy-efficient shading solutions.

Idea #2 – Static Paneling (Polycarbonate Panels)

Another viable pergola roof design is static paneling.

Static paneling is a modern approach to outdoor roofs. Its stylish designs are awe-inspiring and contemporary.

These pergola roofs have a transparent design, letting you see through its plexiglass. You do not have to worry about opening and closing your rafters every time it starts to rain.

Idea #3 – Add an Awning to your Pergola

Another way to spruce up your pergola roof is to add an awning. An awning is a piece of canvas that shelters you from extreme weather. It is a stylish accessory that makes your pergola more comfortable and colorful.

You can also store your awning away in the winter when you do not use your pergola. Typically, fabric awnings come in a cream color that works well with most color schemes.

Idea #4 – Beachy Pergola Surroundings

Consider an enclosed pergola roof to create a beachy vibe for your pergola. These shutters block out most sunlight with white drapes. They also keep your pergola cool and comfortable.

Many homeowners put a daybed in their beachy pergolas, making it the perfect place for an afternoon nap or lounging by the pool with drinks.

Idea #5 – Retractable Roofing

Retractable pergola

Another viable outdoor living roof idea is to invest in a retractable pergola. It is the equivalent of having a sunroof in your car. Retractable pergolas allow you and your guests to lay out in the sun when you want.

If it starts raining, you can close your retractable roof immediately. Many homeowners put an outdoor couch in their pergola, making it the perfect lounge spot.

Idea #6 – Bamboo Pergolas

Bamboo pergola roofs add a rustic feel to your outdoor space. Foliage can grow over your bamboo, creating an earthy outdoor environment.

Combining your bamboo pergola with pathway lighting creates a unique and tribal atmosphere. However, one of the downsides of bamboo is it is not practical in inclement weather conditions.

Idea #7 – Accessorize with Spotlights

No matter what kind of pergola roof you have, you can enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor space with warm spotlights. Hanging out under your pergola roof at night time can be a soothing, serene experience.

If you have a jacuzzi, putting spotlights on the ground and atop your pergola can help create a luxurious outdoor space. An illuminated pergola creates an environment where you can have lasting memories with your friends, family, and significant other.

Idea #8 – Create a Waterfall

Adding a waterfall to your pergola roof can make a statement if you have the budget. Water will glide over the top of your transparent pergola and drop down to your garden pond.

You can create a spiritual oasis with an outdoor garden and waterfall. Get ready to spend peaceful afternoons with loved ones in your luxurious outdoor space.

Idea #9 – Add a Garden Space

If you are an avid gardener, you can accessorize your pergola roof with flora and fauna, creating a luscious springtime retreat. Adorn your pergola with climbing plants to resemble a romantic outdoor cottage.

We find that roses and honeysuckle are the best flowers for a garden pergola. Walking through a garden pathway will boost your mood, the perfect way to start the day.

Idea #10 – Trellis Pergolas

Pergola roof with trellis

Trellis has many purposes. You can use it to create more shade for your house, grow plants, and adorn your pergola. We recommend combining your trellis structure with climbers to enhance the look of your pergola.

Trellis pergolas will add more privacy to your home. It is a charming design that will keep sunlight away from your home and allow for an ideal gardening environment.

Install Corrugated Roofing at Your Monterrey Home

You can check out our extensive pergola roof portfolio to view examples of our work. We work with our clients to design the best pergola possible for their backyards. Our experts will brainstorm ideas to turn your dream outdoor roof project into reality.

If you want to install a corrugated  roof outside your Monterrey, CA, home, contact Third Heaven Landscape. Our experts have decades of experience installing pergola roofs and can improve the visual appeal of your home.