Popular Outdoor Living Space Ideas to Decorate Your Home

When weather permits, there’s nothing quite like going outside to enjoy the sunlight. Whether you’re grilling a delicious meal, reading a good book, or simply enjoying the sounds of nature, a sunny day helps increase your serotonin levels. At times, however, it can feel like a hassle to leave the comfortable indoors of your home.

Luckily, outdoor living spaces are the perfect combination of comfortability and outdoor time. With an outdoor living space idea developed by Third Heaven, you can be ready to enjoy the comfort and amenities of your home while still sitting outside in the sun and breeze. You can even install a fire pit or fireplace to keep you and your family cozy if it gets chilly at night. Adding a Solo Stove to your fire pit has been increasing in popularity too!

As the options for an outdoor living space are near endless, you essentially have a blank canvas you’re able to work on. If it seems like you’re needing help with creativity, we’re here to help you out. Continue reading for some popular outdoor living space ideas that will inspire you to start decorating your home.

Alfresco versus Partially Indoors

Pergola Over Patio

With an outdoor living space, you have the freedom to design an alfresco (aka open-air) area or a room that’s partially indoors. With an alfresco outdoor living space, you’ll actually feel more immersed in nature without walls cutting you off from it. With a partially indoor living space, the walls will make the area feel more like part of your home, but you will still be able to open up windows to feel the breeze outside.

Having alfresco outdoor rooms allow you to fully experience the sunlight. Alfresco spaces pair well with an outdoor pool or garden design. We suggest you consider adding a cabana, a covered patio for a relaxing place to read, or installing a fireplace or fire pit that everyone will want to gather around.

Partially indoor spaces can feel like an extra living room with the added benefit of more natural light. Partly indoor spaces are also great for watching tv, enjoying a good book, or simply relaxing on the couch. For coffee drinkers, these areas are perfect for a nice coffee table and your morning cup of joe.

Outdoor Dining Room

Designing an outdoor dining room is another way to create a family and friend-centered atmosphere. Aside from a place to enjoy lunches and dinners, the outdoor dining room is a beautiful area to hang out, play cards, or simply take in the summer breeze. Whether you install a grill in your outdoor dining room or wish to keep the cooking inside, you’ll have a fantastic setting for dinner and drinks.

Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Fire Pit in Outdoor Living Space

One of the most popular setups is centering your outdoor living space around a fireplace or fire pit. By day, you’ll have a comfortable and relaxing area to read or chat with others. By night, your space becomes somewhat of an upscale campfire setting.

You’ll have the perfect centerpiece for your outdoor living room with a fireplace or fire pit. Your family and friends will love gathering around the fire, whether it’s to make s’mores or simply just watch the fire! A fireplace or fire pit creates a warming atmosphere for every summer night. 

Movie and TV Viewing Area

If you want an outdoor area to watch your favorite movies and television shows, you can design your outdoor living space as a mini movie theater. With a nice TV and the right outdoor furniture, such as a center table or footrest and comfortable couches, your outdoor living area quickly transforms into a hot spot for everyone to congregate around in the evenings.

Pools and Water Features

Installing a pool or other water feature as the centerpiece of your outdoor living space is a great way to feel more serene and part of nature. The glistening water of a pool is fun for all ages, from grandkids all the way up to the grandparents themselves! If you’re thinking about having an outdoor living space with a pool, consider adding a cabana or a swim-up bar! This will not only take your space to the next level, but it also will create an even more inviting space that you’ll want to add folding chairs and hang around.

Other water features, such as fountains or pondless water features, can also be a fantastic focal point of your outdoor living space. Water features pair great with natural grass and can be a fantastic area for a short walk around. Plus, you can add a seating area close to your water feature to create the perfect place for relaxation.

Outdoor Bar

Whether you want your outdoor living space to be a party spot or an area for small get-togethers, an outdoor bar is a perfect setup. While it seems almost too simple, adding a bar ledge and stools to your outdoor living space quickly helps it become a bar to enjoy cocktails with friends and family. Plus, you’ll have no choice but to hone your bartending skills and impress your guests! If you need help with this, we suggest taking a Masterclass on it!

Private Patio

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your outdoor living space. While larger areas are great for social gatherings, small spaces are perfect for a more intimate feel. A private patio that extends out from the primary bedroom can offer a quick escape in the mornings to enjoy a coffee before work!

Front Yard Outdoor Living Spaces

Not all of our outdoor living space ideas take place in the backyard on the side of the house. Designing your outdoor living space in front of the house is a fantastic way to invite guests and increase your home’s curb appeal.

Natural stone floors or oversized wooden patios look great in a front yard outdoor living space. If you want grass instead, adding grill and lawn games can transform your living space into a spot for neighborhood gatherings. Add some lawn chairs or Adirondack chairs and create a really cool spot for family and friends to hang around.

Outdoor Living Space Ideas from Third Heaven

Because California provides the perfect weather for an outdoor living space, your possibilities for unique additions are practically endless. If you haven’t found an idea in this article that speaks to you, we experts at Third Heaven have more than enough ideas that you may love instead. Third Heaven has proudly served Monterey, California, and the surrounding areas with outdoor renovation since 2017.

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