20 Innovative Patio Cover Ideas You’ll Love

Patio cover ideas include pergolas

Finding the right patio cover can make the difference. Whether you have a small outdoor space or a large backyard, adding a patio cover can elegantly extend your lifestyle. The patio has quickly become the perfect place to soak in the sunlight and enjoy the outdoors. 

We have outdoor experts that can help you choose a new patio cover that will complement the style of your home and transform an unusable space into a relaxing retreat. Our collection of patio cover ideas will inspire you. 

1. Skylight Covers

An enclosed skylight patio cover has many advantages. Skylight covers use see-through and transparent materials to give you a clear view of the sky. Its clever design allows natural light to brighten your outdoor space. 

2. Natural Reed Grass

A patio cover with a reed grass frame can blend seamlessly with your garden. Cover the frame with branches and reeds to add a breezy, open-air feel to your home. For more privacy, hang natural fabric curtains from the frame. 

3. Plant Trees 

Use smart plant design ideas to embrace the contemporary style of your landscape. Strategically place plants and trees to provide plenty of shade and privacy for your patio. Prune the lateral branches of the plants and trees to achieve the desired shape.

4. Standalone Wooden Roof

Build a wooden roof patio to add a permanent fixture to your home. Solid columns and step-over walls give the feeling of a living room outside. If you like spending time outdoors but need the comfort of an indoor space, this patio roof can do wonders. 

5. Soft Canopy

Patio with hanging shade

Some great patio ideas involve installing a soft fabric canopy or shade sail. A canopy makes a great addition to homes that have to battle high winds or extreme cold. Pick simple and neutral colors with well-spaced lighting for your outdoor space.

6. Garden Nets 

A garden net offers an affordable way to cover the patio. It is an extremely portable patio cover that you can place anywhere. Remember that the garden net will not protect you from the rain. 

7. Shade Cloth Cover

Adding a shade cloth cover to your patio gives it a simple and clean look. The fabric has weather resistance properties to prevent mold and mildew. To learn more, continue reading our patio cover ideas.

8. Pergola Patio Area

A pergola offers one of the breeziest, most attractive, and easiest ways to cover a patio. Add flowers to enhance the beauty. The ceiling beams have ample space to plant flowers and small plants. 

9. Multi-Layered Covers

To achieve a unique look, you can use different layers of colors and textures for the patio. Combine wood with fabric to create a stylish patio cover that looks modern and trendy. Add light to the beams to beautify and light the space. 

10. Fabric Curtains

Not all patio cover designs require time or money. Water-resistant curtains look good and provide adequate shade from the sun. Choose heavy fabrics to keep the curtains from blowing away.

11. Pagoda Style Patio

A pagoda-style patio cover offers a very distinctive look. If you draw inspiration from Asian cultures, you can make patio covers with materials such as red tiles and slats. To complete the look and feel of your backyard, consider building a koi pond and botanical garden. 

12. Outdoor Gazebo

A gazebo allows you to enjoy warm summer days on your patio. It provides a practical way to mix a traditional and modern look. Buy chairs, benches, and dining sets to complete the gazebo. 

13. Install Lights 

Patio with overhead string lights

Lights offer an inexpensive patio cover solution that anyone can do. Arrange LED outdoor lights and hang them across the patio to form a pattern that works with the space. Install hooks or use posts and trees for better stability. 

14. Open Lattice 

The lattice design offers a similar look to the pergola to cover your patio. For support, it requires evenly spaced beams with three corners. Use thick shading lattice or the kind found in flower arbors to provide shade. 

15. Palapa Patio

Building a palapa can add a beach vibe to your backyard. The palapa has a hut-like appearance to provide shade and protection. Add beach-themed decor and tropical plants to make the palapa more relaxing.

16. Wood Awning

An awning patio cover can make the patio area suitable for entertainment and small gatherings. Awnings include wood beams and pillars to form a cohesive and stunning design. Ideally, you should install an awning in the corner, but you can build the structure anywhere you want.

17. Partially Covered Patio

A partially covered patio lets you enjoy the view and look around the property. The cover allows natural light and air to enter, keeping your space bright and cozy. Partial covers can also protect you from falling leaves and light rain. 

18. Homemade Covers

Make a homemade shade if you do not have much backyard space. Use lightweight fabrics that can conveniently open and close as required. Besides saving money, it will make the space feel more private. 

19. Big Umbrellas

A big outdoor umbrella makes a great patio cover. Umbrellas provide shade to large areas and offer easy storage options. Most large umbrellas have an adjustable height or angle, making them the perfect outdoor solution for people who want flexibility. 

20. Modern Patio With Outdoor Fireplace

Depending on your budget and space, you can build a custom patio. Add concrete and brick to create a simple yet modern look. Install designer chairs, planters, and a fireplace to complete your full-featured backyard. 

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