20 Backyard Deck Ideas For Your Best Summer Ever

Leisure meets luxury on many backyard decks in California. Your backyard deck design reflects your approach to relaxation and entertaining, so feel free to show off your style. 

Here are 20 backyard deck ideas to help inspire you to get the most out of your outdoor living space.

1. Back Deck

Backyard deck ideas can include taking up almost the entire backyard

Who wants a tiny backyard with a small deck when you can replace your backyard with a “back deck?” Fill your small backyard with a deck that extends almost to all corners. 

Cut out a couple of holes in the decking at strategic points to add landscaping features. Gently rustling, potted bamboo plants along the edge can create a lovely green privacy screen.

2. Backyard Lounge

Do you have an awkward-shaped space in your backyard? Turn it into an outdoor living space! Start with a wood deck to fit the area, and then add a pergola, privacy screens, rug, outdoor rattan sofa, and some potted plants.

3. Corner Patio

Who says a patio has to be attached to the house? Put one in the corner of your yard, accented with a stand-alone umbrella, rattan seats, and floor lighting.

4. Curtains or Shades

Patio with hanging shade

For decks or patios that already have a pergola, install shades or curtains to mimic the feel of an outdoor living room. Include an outdoor sofa and a few chairs. Refinish or cover your deck with an outdoor carpet if the surface has become old and tired.

5. Farmhouse Style

Take wood plank flooring and add white railings with hog wire, flower boxes, and comfy seats. Top it off with a huge outdoor umbrella.

6. Gazebo + Grill = Grillzebo!

Are you worried about leaving your barbecue unattended? When you station your barbecue and deck beneath a gazebo with an adjacent dining area, you won’t. Add lighting, wine racks, storage, and even built-in coolers.

7. Glass Enclosed Patios

Who cares about the weather? Weatherproof a deck or wood-floored patio by adding glass walls and a clear-roofed pergola so you can enjoy it year-round, regardless of rain, snow, or wind.

8. Glass Railings

Deck with glass railing

Glass deck railings are one of the hottest trends in modern deck design. Clear glass complements the deck’s seamless and open design while still offering protection.

9. Interlocking-Tile Patio

Get fancy with wood-themed deck tiles for your patio floor. They add tons of character to what might otherwise be a very bland concrete pad.

10. Island Deck

Construct your deck of composite material with concealed fasteners, and then put it anywhere in the yard you need a place to relax — no need for footings or ledger boards.

11. Living Wall

If you have a ground-level deck or patio and want some privacy, embrace vegetation-based backyard deck ideas and surround yourself with flowers in stacking planter boxes. A drip irrigation system takes care of watering automatically.

12. Metal Privacy Screens

Privacy screens keep prying eyes out while providing additional shade and wind protection. Modern etched privacy screens also serve as sturdy walls.

13. Modern Fire Pit

Fire pit on deck

Use a modern fire pit as the main component in the middle of your patio or deck, serving double-duty as a modest dining table.

14. Moroccan Brights

White and blue patterned tile on the patio floor, simple black deck railings all around, and bright Moroccan print pillows throughout the seating area make for an eye-catching relaxation spot.

15. Neutrals

Don’t be afraid to bring modern colors from the inside to the backyard deck or patio. Neutral grays, whites, and blacks are just as trendy outside as inside. Try traditional wood decking, white rails, black posts, and gray outdoor furniture.

16. Outdoor Oasis

Wooden frames, composite decking, and a glass roof surrounded by various plants create a welcoming, private relaxation spot. Comfy chairs and outdoor curtains complete the look.

17. Pavers and Pebbles

Pavilion with walkway leading to fire pit

Another backyard deck idea is to use garden pavers and pebbles as patio flooring and construct a concrete fire pit in the middle. Scatter seating around for a unique outdoor living space.

18. Screened Deck

Adding a screen around your deck improves its appearance and usability. Accent your open-air screened room with large potted plants, floor pillows covered in outdoor fabrics, and comfortable outdoor seating.

19. Swing Seating

Why settle for regular chairs when you can have swings? Here’s a backyard deck idea:  combine a concrete fire pit and huge comfy sofa swings beneath a pergola to create a perfect outdoor living space for breezy afternoons and warm evenings.

20. Wood and Stone

Wood decks constructed of cedar and surrounded by a stone wall offer seclusion and a scenic outdoor spot. The contrast between wood and stone creates a distinct appearance.

FAQs About Backyard Decks

Gray back deck

How do you build an affordable deck?

The most inexpensive deck is a ground-level deck with no steps or railings. They usually do not require footings or permits and will not have posts, stairs, or beams.

What materials are used to build decks?

Most decks are built using pressure-treated pine, cedar, redwood, composite, and vinyl decking boards.

What costs more – wood or composite decking?

Composite decking usually costs more than wood, but you will save money in the long run in most cases. We can show you many backyard deck ideas using composite decking. Natural wood needs more maintenance, such as sanding and sealing every couple of years.

What does deck scale mean?

Deck scale means that the size of your deck should be proportionate to the size of your home and your yard. A deck larger than the remaining yard space may feel overwhelming, particularly if you have a tiny lawn.

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